Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jokowi's Supporters Held a Cultural Parade

jokowi supporters

Yogyakarta - Hundreds of  Jokowi supporters staged a cultural parade in Yogyakarta. They support the election for governor of Jakarta was developed in 2014.

The parade was held in Yogyakarta Malioboro area, ranging from parks to parking Abu Bakr Ali zero kilometer point. The marchers were mostly traditional arts groups such as jathilan, reog ireng mask, puppet reog, art bobbing daughter and others. They come from the city of Yogyakarta, Sleman, Gunungkidul and Kulon Progo Bantul.

Action was delayed for more than 1 hour because it is not allowed by the police and the Supervisory Committee of Yogyakarta. However after negotiations between the chief executive of the National Secretariat Jokowi DIY and guarantee no attributes or campaign containing the campaign slogans, the action finally allowed.

"We are ready to comply with all rules and regulations of the police. If no attribute was removed and taken kindly campaign," said Untoro, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Secretariat Jokowi DIY.

According Untoro, supporting communities in Yogyakarta as Gong Jokowi Jokowi Jokowi already joined the Secretariat in Jakarta. In the first National Meeting in Jakarta, some volunteers have participated and joined the National Workshop Secretariat Jokowi.

"Yogya is a barometer of Indonesian politics and miniature Indonesia, we want to voice changes and it is time for Indonesia birthing such," he said.

He confirms this activity is a form of support and consolidation of the various communities in Yogyakarta Jokowi. This support is a political attitude of the people who want change in Indonesia.

"People want a leader who is honest, populist, simple, trustworthy and able to provide solutions to the people.'s The message we want to convey," he said.

In the front row, was a member and volunteer participants who are members of the Network Organization and Community abbreviated Jokowi Indonesian citizens. They are mostly wearing a plaid shirt in red. They also wore masks bearing the faces Jokowi paper. Some are carrying signs reading "Together Jokowi Indonesia rose, independent, sovereign and dignified.

Veteran mime artist from Yogyakarta, Jemek Supardi, appointed a precursor mass. During the action along Malioboro street, the participants showed his skill. Action was orderly and not jam up traffic flow because participants only wearing half roads.

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